Like all artists, I too needed a day job.

That was 12 years and 1200 consultations ago.  Well, maybe more to be honest.

When I got there, a respected colleague, we’ll call her Kristin, told me the job was going to suck the marrow from my bones.  This illicited only a single raised eyebrow from me.  After all, I worked for Bob Chinn, a true slavedriver in the restaurant biz only a few years before.  And hey, I’m from Chicago.  Being from Chicago in the work climate of Los Angeles makes most bosses out here take pause.  We show up on time if not early, never call in sick, and don’t complain about overtime.  I knew the small family business owners were going to love me.  I really work hard.


To my surprise, she was not kidding.    This is the only job I ever had where my boss caring about  me was the only thing that kept me working, and at the same time could not soothe the agony of energy drain after a busy Friday at the Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy. There is a term I have heard used amongst athletes, “leave it all on the track, field, court” whatever.  Monday thru Saturday 9:30 to 5:15 this is exactly what we did.  

What did we do?  Consult with any client who walked thru the pharmacy doors about almost any ailment you can think up, and many… you would rather never hear about…or smell…or see.  Yeah, that IS nasty.  And true.  Consult about what?  Whatever ails ya, and whats available to alleviate those symptoms without causing a bunch more problems.

Who are WE?  We…are the physicians on the sidelines; the bench warmers for conventional medical science.  WE are acupuncturists, we are homeopaths, and chiropractors, and naturopaths and certified nutritionists and herbalists with hundreds and thousands of hours of formal classroom training and decades of clinical experience in our own private practices.  Oh yeah, and we DO have a real pharmacist on staff.

Over the years, we the staff of SMHP, have all had hundreds of additional training hours in the practical application of  supplements.  Better yet, we listen to each other consult, we advise each other, we see the scripts outside physicians use for patients as we fill them, and learn new strategies within and outside our own disciplines.  But here is the greatest perk…customers come back and let us know what products work, and how well they are satisfied with their results.  This is the gold mine.


So, inside my head is a complimentary medicine goldmine.  I always wanted to share the multitudes of heath care strategies we have come up with.  You taught us.  Now is time to give back.  What I am going to present in this blog is the best of what I and my esteemed colleagues have collected.  

Do I have to add a disclaimer?  This is America!  Of course I do!  Like, if you have cancer…see an oncologist.  Like, if your body is having an acute reaction to a medication or you have sliced open your hand, go to the ER.  If your blood pressure is consistently high, take your meds…a stroke is lurking around the next corner.  If you have a suspicion you may be a bit nutso or can’t shake a depression, see a therapist.  Many people think complimentary medicine strategies are cheaper and better than the regular MD.  I am here to tell you this is not the case.  I have seen people spend plenty of money and time treating things with vitamins that cannot even remotely be treated with supplements.  I do not support exchanging out “Western” medicine with “Eastern” medicine like it is a fashion statement.  You can easily damage yourself with this type of negligence.  Don’t do it.  Any questions?

I do not sell supplements.  I do not get kickbacks, incentives, vacations, free product, dinners, or yard work from any manufacturer anywhere.  Nor have I ever gotten any of that fun stuff.  If anyone wants to give me free stuff  PLEASE DO.  One way or another I don’t recommend crap.  I also do not use crap.  If you send me crap, expect it to be returned.  If you want me to TRY your crap, excuse me, PRODUCT, so I can tell other people it is not CRAP…sell it to the pharmacy first and we will see if you pass the litmus test of practitioners and customers.  That should take a few years, but be patient, because if your crap is awesome crap…we will know, because real people tell us so. 

What constitutes the best of the best?  A. No side effects when taken as directed.   B. It gets positive results on a high percentage of people over time.  C.  It is clean and green.


I am doing a blog and not a website as this info is friendly and not motivated by economics.  I am actually…trying to open doors that for many people are closed.  If you don’t like what I have to say…please close your browser.  Thank you and have a nice day.


That was just the opening act…sta tuned for “Pearls of wysdom” in my subsequent blogs.